Rising Cyber Security Services

Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISO)

The Rising Cyber vCISO service is designed for organizations needing someone to take responsibility for the creation, growth, and measurement of the organization’s information security program. With our vCISO service, you get a retained board-level resource who can ‘virtually sit inside your company’ and manage your security strategy, budget, and success of your risks and regulatory programs.

Architecture and Design Advisory

The only thing more difficult than designing a secure infrastructure from the ground up is extending the same architecture to incorporate virtualization, cloud, and third-party access connectivity. Let Rising Cyber security architecture experts help you ask the right questions of your vendors, partners, and service providers to properly align with the needs of your information security program.

Threat Intelligence Management

The consumption and utilization of threat intelligence data is only as valuable as an organization’s understanding of how it applies to their business, customers, and infrastructure. Rising Cyber can help source, integrate, and utilize available threat intelligence data to better protect your business and customers.

Open Source Tool Operationalization

Organizations often look to freely available Open Source tools as a way to add security controls to their organization without having to spend any money. Unfortunately, in most cases, this “free” cost has a number of intangible human costs that are often overlooked until it’s too late. Let Rising Cyber security experts help you determine the true cost of operationalizing Open Source security tools within your organization.

Security Program Management

A great cybersecurity program starts with a deep technical understanding of the organization’s infrastructure and how it’s utilized by its employees, partners, and customers. Rising Cyber creatively architects and executes customized cybersecurity programs to improve the security posture of your business.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is not only a good idea but is also a requirement in many industries. Rising Cyber has extensive experience providing system, application, and connected device (IoT) penetration testing services in addition to in-person physical penetration testing engagements. From mobile banking applications to administrative SaaS portals to building security controls, Rising Cyber can test it all.

SIEM and Log Management

With over 20 years in the SIEM and log management space, Rising Cyber knows what can be logged, what should be logged, and where those logs should reside for maximum value. Reach out to Rising Cyber to learn how to design your organizational event and alert management strategy to gain maximum visibility of all on-premises, virtualized, and cloud systems.

Security Training

Learning how to secure your organization shouldn’t cost a fortune. Rising Cyber provides cost-effective and expert-led training on the latest tools, techniques, and procedures to secure your organization. Whether it’s a customized private onsite session or a public class at a leading conference, Rising Cyber gives you the information to make an immediate impact when you get back to the office.

Threat Hunting and Incident Response

Rising Cyber researchers and incident responders perform regular investigations of your organization’s endpoints and network traffic for signs of compromise or suspicious activity. At the point when a risk is identified, our team expands the scope of research to learn additional and related information to validate the danger to your business.

Security Tool Rationalization and Selection

Through frequent talks with security vendors in peer groups, at conferences, and at trade organization meetings, Rising Cyber can quickly bypass the sales and marketing teams and connect with the experts actually building the tools. We’re not afraid to ask hard technical questions of the vendors to cut through the marketing and get down to the facts.

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Our Mission

The majority of firms focus on large and well-established organizations. We here at Rising Cyber choose instead to skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.

We want to help organizations that feel overwhelmed with the state of security and guide them through an iterative process for increasing their overall security posture.

Our singular mission is to help organizations grow and service their customers in a safe and secure manner without the fear of succumbing to a devastating breach.

Rising Cyber is not a product vendor or a value-added reseller (VAR). We pride ourselves on helping organizations discover, select, and align mitigating controls that best fit the capabilities and needs of the organization.

We don’t push boxes, we present fact-based knowledge.

What we do

  • CISOs with more than 20 years experience.
  • Internationally known security experts.
  • Expert researchers monitoring the latest threats.
  • Leading incident responders.
  • Data scientists that present the data you need.

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